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How to do a workshop on the narrative possibilities offered by radio? Nois Radio presents its workshop Escuela de Radio por Correspondencia where, through four modules, they expose the narrative possibilities offered by radio presented to a fairly wide audience, including radio producers, radio stations, sound artists and communities that want to enter this world or want to explore new possibilities. Since many of the participants were in places with difficult access to the internet or new platforms, all the material was intended to be distributed via text messages (WhatsApp) and thus provide the possibility for all participants to receive the material digitally.

The graphic concept is based on the idea of representing this mix of formats for both sharing information and reproduction devices, since we have WhatsApp as a distribution platform, explanatory podcasts hosted on the Nois Radio website, a digital booklet and the results of the workshop presented as podcasts or live radio broadcasts. For this purpose, we made a series of illustrations with different styles that embrace the possibilities offered by the radio, as well as infographics and mini comics that clearly explain its contents.

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