Sábado oscuro

Lynch Anima
Gabriel Camero Gärtner (Photo)

Sábado Oscuro (2024) tells the story of a couple of young actors, played by Ana Isabel Castillo and David Moncada, who, in the midst of a health crisis for their dog, face the dilemmas of their romantic relationship. The film raises fundamental questions about the nature of love and of staying together. Directed by Marco Vélez Esquivia, produced by Lina Ortíz and Alejandro Zapata, and written by Juliana Ospina, this work explores human complexities through an intimate and moving narrative.

The conceptualization of the graphic identity of Sábado Oscuro is inspired by the critical situation of the plot (the surgery of the dog as a parenthesis to evaluate the relationship of the main characters), as the core of the design. This concept is visually materialized by merging the two words in the title, which share a common letter, but separated by a parenthesis that symbolizes a reflective pause.

The film's branding comprises a series of promotional elements, including official posters, a preliminary teaser poster and a book. The latter, narrated by the filmmakers and enriched with Gabriel Camero's photographs, exhaustively details the creative process behind the film.

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