Tour Delirio

Sic Semper ediciones, Mozilla
Type of client
Civic & Public
Type of work
Motion graphics

“Tour Delirio is a transmedia project that seeks, to the rhythm of salsa and through a drift through a city inspired by the Latin American context, to relate our daily lives to state, corporate and social surveillance.”
— Maria Juliana Soto (Project Director).

Tour Delirio was the winner of the “Mozilla Creative Media Grant”. In this project, we had the opportunity to design, identity, characters and animation for a Motion Comic who had an expanded experience on launch day with a goat tour of the city of Cali.


The second installment of Tour Delirio takes place in the midst of a historic situation: the pandemic generated by Covid-19. In the health emergency, the use of digital technologies increased exponentially: video calls, live broadcasts, electronic transactions, sexting, and all kinds of online interactions intensified due to the lockdown. Digital life began to occupy a large part of the daily lives of millions of people. Meanwhile, monitoring, analysis and control practices, as well as violence exercised through digital media, have also increased. It is the first production of a digital comic in ePub format to be viewed on cell phones with micro-animations and interactions that we carried out in the studio. It was directed by María Juliana Soto (founder and editor of Sic Semper Ediciones) and was co-scripted by her partner and editor Miguel Tejada Sánchez. The project was funded by Internews. The ePub can be downloaded freely from the project page:

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