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Ultraviolencia (2023) directed by Marco Velez Esquivia and produced by Alejandro Zapata and Dos Cuartos Producciones tells us the story of an editor who receives a proposal to edit a new film without knowing that he is going to become so obsessed with the project that he will do anything, in order to save the protagonist from her death in the story.

The solution for designing the identity of this feature film was achieved by representing the idea that it is a film within another film: one that is predictable and obsessed with the editor, and another that is the one that the real spectator sees. For this purpose, two posters were designed, the first being the poster of the internal film with traditional touches of violent drama bordering on the cliché and the other where typographically we play the game of getting deeper and deeper into the plot; and the repetition of the title and its fragments that are left behind also reminds us of the film editing interfaces, small elements next to each other with thousands of cuts. All this mixed up in a single poster that, with pure violence, rips each other out.

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