Cortos Cali 2021-2022

Industria Paraíso
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Educational & Cultural
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Motion graphics


The concept of edition 14 “Curatorship and film programming in a world of platforms” was developed under the idea of data clouds: there are many audiovisual productions in the world, which when entering platforms are nothing more than floating data until someone (curator or spectator) decides to choose it to watch, show or save it, and thus, the production generates its own connections.

To develop this identity we use p5js, a JavaScript library that allows us to do Creative Coding and thus manage to randomly generate each piece of the festival.


Each film product is a living entity that performs mitosis to be reproduced at different festivals, cinemas and platforms. In this edition, we use the concept of mitosis to realize their identity and thus you can show how this type of production multiplies.

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