La luz de Masao Nakagawa

N36 Films, Videa 3.0, We Make Colors
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Films & Broadcast
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This is a short documentary showing the first photographic studio in northern Peru founded by Japanese immigrant Masao Nakagawa. It was engraved in 16 mm and colored by Wemakecolor, directed by Hideki Nakazaki, produced by N36 Films and Videa 3.0 from Peru.

For this documentary, we created the identity design and its promotional poster, where we seek to represent nostalgia for the process of developing the photograph, generating the environment of the dark room and its characteristic red light, which shows how the photo of Masao's relatives who remained in Peru following their tradition is revealed.

The short film will be distributed in Spanish-speaking countries, as well as in Japan and Anglo-speaking countries, so a multilingual identifier was designed where the three languages and the two forms of writing coexist.

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