El último Intravenosa

Industria Paraíso
Type of client
Educational & Cultural
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Motion graphics
Jairo Diaz (Graphic design)

The Intravenous Festival in 2017 reached its ninth version, in which exhibitions and training events were held in the city of Cali (Colombia) focusing on the creation of short films made by university students. For this edition, it was decided to expand the panorama to include professional short film categories. This was the transition point to become the Cali International Short Film Festival. For this reason, this edition was called The Last Intravenous. In this project, we entered the festival as art directors and redesigned their identity, created a new trophy that would be awarded to the winners of the official national and international selections, and we made a series of audiovisual pieces that accompanied the festival during its production. The graphic concept was born from the creation of the Golden Claw award, which takes its name from the first Colombian anti-imperialist film produced in Cali Golden Claws (1926), as it characterizes the festival's youthful spirit. All this was reflected in the shape of the claw of the trophy and the edition number torn by it.

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