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Industria Paraíso
María Alejandra Posada (Illustration and Graphic Design), Jairo Diaz (Graphic Design)

Wet matches (2022), directed by Sebastián Duque and produced by Lina Rizo, was defined as “a punk anthem in the capital of salsa”. A story of a group of teenagers who form a punk band in Cali, the capital of salsa, where the city is presented from a slightly different perspective than what we are used to seeing, where friendship and music are one.

We were involved in this project from its pre-production stage, where there were no protagonists yet, so in order to show the idea of the characters a little, we worked on the sales material with illustrations based on the initial descriptions that were in the script.

During the production, we assisted the art team in creating fake posters for concerts, bands and politicians, as well as a large number of stickers so that art could bring that punk aesthetic to the stage. We also create liquor labels and application interfaces in order not to display any trademark on the screen.

The post-production included the creation of the opening credits sequences, the final credits roll, the animation of the film's head, the animation of the logos of the production companies and a poster that failed to see the light of day.

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