La forma cruel de una nube gris

Sic Semper ediciones
Daniela Casanova (Illustration)

This small publication is the first issue of the collection Virginia of Sic Semper ediciones. A collection of narrative published by women writers who, as María Juliana Soto (editor) describes it, “illuminate while setting fire to everything”. La forma cruel de una nube gris contains four short stories by the authors Daniella Torres and Nathalia Ríos printed in risography on herald paper.

For the creation of the cover illustration, we wanted to highlight, rather than the stories it contains, the idea of this new collection that takes its name from the state of Virginia in the United States, whose flag has a shield showing a woman with a tyrant killed by her and at the bottom the inscription “Sic Semper Tyrannis”, a phrase that gives rise to the name of the publisher and its main brand concept “We make books in a world of tyrants”.

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