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Sic Semper ediciones is an independent publishing project from Cali (Colombia) with which we have been working since 2015, producing different types of publications. In that year, we had the opportunity to design its identity according to the time the project was in. Things have changed and so has Sic Semper, so here we present the identity redesign we carried out for this great project.

The name of the brand comes from the famous Latin phrase Sic Semper Tyrannis What does it translate So always to tyrants or Death to Tyrants, is attributed to Marcus Junius Brutus who said it while assassinating the Roman emperor Julius Caesar. This is where the main concept of the brand “We make books in a world of tyrants” was born and in 2015 a symbol of a crown shedding its blue blood was designed. By 2020, the point of view changes, to Making books in a world of tyrants The tyrant is not being killed, he is resisting despite tyranny, for this reason the crown with blood is removed as a symbol of the brand to move to an image of the jellyfish, killed and turned upside down by Perseus. This idea stems from the concept of levity that Italo Calvino defines in his book. Six proposals for the next millennium:

It seems to me that the levity of Perseus being the hero could not be better represented than with this gesture of refreshing courtesy to that monstrous and terrifying, although also somewhat deteriorating, fragile being.
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